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About Us

Originally founded as a housekeeping business in the Georgetown Plaza on 8th Street in 1996 – and imbued with a family involvement in the cleaning industry since 1900 – that included the janitorial service of the World Trade Center’s original twin towers in 1970 – Fourth Generation has developed over its 19 years in business into a quality commercial cleaning company.

Our niche is nightly office cleaning for Manhattan’s office tenants and building owners in surrounding areas; although other disciplines include restorative floor finishing treatments – window cleaning – metal polishing – and carpet shampoo service.

Fourth Generation espouses reliability – predictability – honesty coupled with old-fashioned "elbow grease" and cleaning to the exact specifications you require.

Moreover, our cleaning crews have literally spent thousands of hours in the field gaining practical experience; effective and efficient commercial cleaning is really more of an art than a science.

It’s our small, customer service-oriented business style – along with the capacity to provide multiple cleaning personnel simultaneously at different locations on an on-demand basis – that defines us.